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La VOZ de de mis client@s


"Luciana teaches a healthy and solid vocal technique. She seems to have a solution for each vocal problem and knows for each case exactly what to do.

I also learned how closely the voice is connected to the mental and emotional state. She is very resolute and at the same time remains always sensitive to what happens to her students!" 

Sonja H.

"I am a professional bassoonist and for many years I have been exercising myself to use my instrument correctly and thus obtain the best results. In only one session Luciana modified completely the way I breathed and I was able to experience a way of breathing that allowed me not only to expand my lung capacity but also to attack more precisely each note and to dose the air more efficient.

This new way of understanding breathing is much more effective since it automatically prepares my body with its just and necessary tension to attack each sound, as well as allowing me to execute the desired nuances more easily and finish each phrase with much more comfort. Since then I feel more confident artistically and interpretively because I know that when I breathe like this I have everything I need to play well technically and express myself freely.


On a personal and physical level, I realized that with my old way of breathing, my chest sometimes felt closed and not very accessible for the air and, with this new way, I managed to open it up and breathe freely.


Even so, her teaching goes far beyond the technique. Luciana represents clarity, precision and guidance. What most caught my attention in her way of teaching is the clarity with which she develops ideas and transmits them. She is not only an excellent Singer and Singing Teacher, she is also a spectacular personal Coach, with a lot of knowledge to share."

Viky M.

"I am a professional singer and I attended a MasterClass of Luciana mainly to improve my vocal technique and I found a teacher who personalizes the lesson and brings out the best in one in a very short time. After some private lessons with her and achieved a noticeable change that has been a fundamental pillar for the leap I needed to make in my vocal technique and in my career.


She has a vast knowledge of vocal technique and breathing and is demanding at a high level, so she always achieves the necessary results to be able to progress. The time she dedicates to you makes you feel that she is 100% with you and for you, and that causes you to give 100% of your interest and your ability to make the most of every minute of her lesson.


Discipline, responsibility, commitment, professionalism, trust, motivation and respect are some of the definitions that come to mind when I talk about Luciana.


Every time I step on a stage I trust more in the foundations I have as a singer trough the technical security I achieved, also understanding that I still have some things to improve, continue practicing and learning under her tutelage."

Maty N.

"When I met Luciana at an event a few years ago, I didn't have much experience taking singing classes. I had worked with an opera singer for a few months and hadn't made much progress, so I didn't have high expectations, but I knew that if I wanted to dedicate myself to singing my songs professionally, I needed to have more knowledge and technical skills so as not to ruin my voice. When Luciana heard me speak, she made an immediate observation - because of my way of speaking - about the position of my larynx and I understood, for her safety, that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

Around our 4th or 5th class I felt the first big change in my voice. Something had come out. The air tube had opened and I could sing notes that I couldn't before and without making any effort. So I started working with her twice a week, to get a real breakthrough, and my voice changed drastically. Both the sound quality and the color of the voice had changed. Now I had a deep voice, much more beautiful than before, and also, with the vocal and breathing training, I could sing with more power and had much more dexterity and resources. Over time, not only my high register expanded enormously, but also the low register, which opened up another range of possible melodies for me.

Before working with her I was already resigned to having the voice that I had and I had accepted that it was what it was and that was it. However, taking classes with Luciana has not only completely changed my voice, but it is practically like being another person and another artist. And now I like my voice!

I also have much more confidence in myself; It's as if she had taken a jewel from me that was hidden there and that no one had told me it was possible to have. There are classes that are easier than others... you have to train your muscles, automate many gestures that help you find your vocal position, and sometimes it can be frustrating, but as in any healing path: not doing something always ends up being more painful than facing it.


Luciana also has great perception and intuition, she does not give two classes the same and she adapts to the energy that the student brings that day. Until now I have never found someone who knows better what is happening inside your body than Luciana, and also knows how to fix it.


Today I teach singing, trying to continue the legacy that Luciana has left me. I would never have imagined that I could give singing lessons, and even less, that my students could improve, and I am surprised at their achievements.


I would say that at that event the day I met Luciana has changed my life, and I recommend that those who read me do not miss the opportunity."

Julieta Brur

"During the rehearsals with the C... choir I was putting into practice some of the things you taught me. Miraculously I started to feel a big change in my voice: it comes out with more power and more definition... In fact I don't I feel discomfort in my throat after the rehearsals! I am very grateful to you for the only one class we did and for the Masterclass I participated in... And also for transmitting not only your technique, but also your commitment, perseverance and your passion for what you do."

Sophia C.

"I´m incredibly excited about the great progress I have made in a short period of time working with Luciana. Before studying with her I didn´t have a very healthy vocal technique and struggled with a lot of tension in my throat. Luciana was able to build up a new instrument on the basis of a sustainable breathing and vocal technique.


She has an extensive know-how and I trust that she has a solution for any vocal problem. I really feel her being the steady rock on my side during my vocal journey, always motivating and empathetic. With the help of her guidance I learned to become more disciplined and to trust in the progress.

I understood the importance of the connection between the body and the mind thanks to her holistic approach.


So, I´m really happy to have finally found a vocal coach who is able to lift me up to a completely new level."

Alena F.

"The lessons with Luciana opened the doors to a new world of knowledge, not only technical and interpretive but also on a personal and holistic level.

I understood that there are many other aspects, besides the technical-vocal, that are required to be a good singer and a good artist, such as discipline, commitment, courage, confidence and attitude.

It is true that it takes time to understand the subtleties of vocal technique but Luciana puts a lot of energy into making sure the student truly understands, and she perseveres until they do.

Something to highlight is also their high level of demand and professionalism, which has given very good results for me.

I feel very grateful and motivated to continue learning and developing my skills, now with a bigger vision of the whole and a new sense of security, both technically and personally."


André O.

"What was revealing for me is what you said at the beginning of the Masterclass that "we are our voice". (...)

I would have liked the workshop to last a thousand hours because you made everything very dynamic. Through your work you help us to know our voice better, to heal it, to see the potential we have... and that seemed wonderful to me!!!

Thank You very much for that! It was a pleasure for me to take part of it.*


"The Biodecodification and other Holistic therapies/treatments that I did have not been as revealing or effective as the results that I begin to glimpse in the private vocal technique lessons with Luciana. The true voice that we carry inside and that, due to various circumstances in life, is sometimes turned off. But in her lessons she helps you to remove the veil that covers it so that you can listen to it again, to feel it and connect with the answers you are looking for. (...)

I have nothing but words of gratitude!!!"

Belén P.

*About the Masterclass; below about individual lessons

"I have been a student of Luciana for about one and a half years now.  In that time I have experienced an incredibly improvement of my voice and breathing. Her lessons have helped me a lot with my singing skills and with clarity and pronunciation while speaking and also with my posture!

Another side effect from the lessons was the immense increase of  mylung capacity and breathing ability. This helped me personally in swimming competitions being able to swim with more power than ever before and not even being out of breath for more than a few seconds afterwards. After a short time of working together I also begun to be more aware of peoples body language and can already get a better perception of my surroundings. 


The lessons with Luciana can be sometimes very demanding. She makes always sure you do it right even if it is something as simple as breathing in and breathing out. However I always feel much better after the lesson than I did at the start. Even when I was sick with either the flu or even COVID-19 (we worked remote) she adjusted the lesson so that I still make progress. 


I would highly recommend to work with her to anyone; from singers both beginners and experienced, athletes looking to improve their breathing capabilities, and anyone looking to improve their vocal skills."

Pavel M.

"By working with Luciana you can regain your natural vocal abilities and dissolve the blockages and patterns that stand in the way of success.

It is sometimes very demanding both physically and emotionally but it allows us to grow as a person and as a singer in self-confidence, joy and positivity."

Eli K.

"My son is fortunate enough to have private singing lessons with Ms Luciana Roffo for nearly a year now. I have always been incredibly impressed at how Ms. Roffo approaches my son regarding breathing fundamentals, technical ability, musicality and importantly, on a personal level. My son has benefitted immensely in his musical skill, his self-confidence and his ability to share the joy of singing with others. It remains a highlight of my week to get the chance to hear him sing from the next room.

I can thoroughly recommend Ms. Roffo without hesitation."

Matthew M.

"Luciana's singing lessons go beyond finding the right tone. They are more about finding your body's own sound. Because singing is self-expression.

Luciana's principles are honesty and time, both for her as a teacher and for the student. She is honest in how she sees and perceives you, in how she approaches working with you and in everything she expresses; and also when she confirms or corrects you. 

She teaches you to stand and breathe correctly to find the right body posture and alignment. She is able to perceive you and your voice with precision and explain to you what exactly you need to modify or to dissolve blocks or incorrectly learned approaches, always respecting your times.

But all this only works if one also dares. To work with her you must have the courage to deal honestly with your voice and with yourself because that is precisely where the power resides. Each step represents a part of what your own sound will be.


Finding your own sound is a path, and along that path she wants to accompany you."

Josephine L.

“I am very happy to have met a teacher with a highly professional vocal and pedagogical level. Her approach is very technical, always based on breathing, and that ensures me a better quality and healthy sound. She is demanding but very motivating and always remains empathic, respecting my times. The lessons are dynamic and funny. After them I feel much more relaxed and focused on a physical, mental and emotional level.

They help me come back to myself.

In a very short time I noticed very positive changes in my voice and in my way of singing. Now I understand that the voice is one more instrument, that it must be treated as such and that it needs care and exercises that Luciana knows how to adapt perfectly to the needs of each one. In addition, she gives me many simple tips and advices that are easy to assimilate that I use later to study at home.

I hope to continue having her as Vocal Coach for many more years."

Diego C.

"I have had the pleasure of being Ms. Roffo's student at the very beginning of trying to understand my own voice.  As a novice, she provided me with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of breathing and technique. The personal approach Ms. Roffo brought was always impressive; no matter what sort of day I had, or issues that were happening, she was patient and would always manage to bring something out of me that was new, or surprising every time.

It was an absolute joy to be her student and I can thoroughly recommend her lessons."

Matt M.

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