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The Technique: on the one hand I have a very clear auditive image of what a healthy and beautiful sound is. I do a thorough technical work using a vast range of tools to overcome vocal difficulties such as contractures in the laryngeal musculature and the neck, position of the tongue and lower jaw, etc. to pursuit that healthy and beautiful sound or simply to improve the quality and health of the student's voice. On the other hand, I put special emphasis on breathing since I consider the air as the “sound transporter”.

Then inspiration, air support, attack and sound projection are fundamental basis for an efficient and healthy emission. It is only then that we can begin with the work of structuring and stabilizing the larynx through the correct articulation of the different vowels.

The Breath: Throughout my vast experience I have concluded that - unless there is an underlying medical reason - all vocal dysfunction precedes a deficiency in the respiratory mechanisms. Once detected and put these mechanisms in motion - at least minimally - the singer immediately feels relief and even an improvement in/on his vocal functions. It is only on this respiratory foundation that the air begins to flow properly, supported by the appropriate respiratory muscles, freeing up the larynx from a job that should  not do, that one can begin to work in detail on the functionality of the voice and get healthy and long lasting results. 


The Person: I am convinced that our voice faithfully reflects our way of thinking and feeling, our relationship with our body and our way of being in life. I think it is essential to also contemplate and work with this aspect which is often forgotten or otherwise, taken into account as the only important factor neglecting unavoidable technical issues. For this I use a great intuitive capacity-  and also very worked and matured- to recognize and identify physical and/or emotional blocks behind the limitations in the voice


Although I am a lyric singer, my classes are aimed as well for classical singers and as for other areas (musical, pop, chanson, jazz, etc.) since I put the focus on the vocal functionality and respiratory mechanisms as a fundamental basis for a healthy and efficient phonation. Depending on the student's singing style, we will "balance" the voice in such a way that it responds to it.

"My way of working integrates breathing exercises with singing and vocal technique. I teach the singer to breathe (inspire, support, attack and flow with the air) as he does during singing and then I take him to experience it in the vocalizations and about the score."


The Importance of Breathing in Singing  


My way of working integrates breathing exercises with singing and vocal technique. I teach the singer to breathe (inspire, support, attack and flow with the air) as he does during singing and then I take him to experience it in the vocalizations and on the score.

"La voce è spirito nel vero senso. Il canto è préghiera, ma not so much préghiera, è di piu ringraziamento al Cielo, a Dios, (...). The public must be with te che ringrazia al Cielo per questo dono."  

Giuseppe Giacomini

"A poor management of breathing leads to a deterioration of the vocal organ and a reduction in the quality and health of the Voice."


Because I deeply believe that all change begins with a change of mentality , my main objective is to sow a seed of awareness about the importance of body posture and breathing when singing or speaking, which invites you to reflect, become aware and question yourself. about some of the concepts that concern your own body posture, breathing and phonation.


Singers, both lyrical and popular, and people who use their voice professionally must achieve absolute mastery of the air and of their body as the instrument itself . Without sufficient knowledge and without a solid foundation in everything related to breathing and posture, it is impossible to achieve a healthy and high quality sound and emission. 

In fact, a poor management of breathing inevitably becomes, over time, a deterioration of the vocal organ and a reduction in vocal quality and health.


Since breathing in singing is one of the topics that has been most neglected and underestimated in recent decades - to the point that there is less and less knowledge on the subject - it is for me, and it was for singers of the past, probably the most important aspect when it comes to achieving an efficient and healthy use of the voice.


I consider it vitally important that you know the general laws that govern healthy, stable, solid and optimal vocal functioning, so I will teach you how to assemble your vocal instrument properly and I will guide you in what is inherent to body posture and the proper handling and control of the breathing mechanisms (inhalation, support, attack, emission, support and projection of sound) as a fundamental basis for an efficient and healthy emission. 

Through certain applied exercises you will be able to experience improvements in your sound and in the freedom of your larynx during the broadcast.


I will also answer your questions and clarify and explain terms such as support, chest, middle and head registers, falsetto, passagio , etc.

I'll wait for you!

"The importance of Body Posture and Breathing in Singing"

"Introduction to the mechanisms of inhalation, support, attack and emission for a healthy and effective use of the voice".


  • Interpretation: musicality, style, expression, etc.

  • Sound optimization with vocal technique tools (emission, color, diction, etc.)

  • Stage presence

  • Voice recovery after concerts, recordings, conferences, performances, etc.

  • Coaching during studio recordings, concerts and all kinds of presentations

Here we will work on the interpretation of the repertoire as well as musically, as on the style, the phrasing, expression. Also on the diction and the importance of “saying” what you sing. We will also contemplate themes such as stage presence, acting and everything you need to feel safe on stage. Every optimal musical result requires healthy vocal functionality, so this work contemplates and includes some vocal technique to achieve an appropriate technical performance.


It is also aimed to singers as well as actors and actresses and people who use their voice a professionaly.


This work can be extended to Studio Coaching where I accompany you and guide you vocally and musically during your recordings.

"Luciana teaches a healthy and solid vocal technique. She seems to have a solution for each vocal problem and knows for each case exactly what to do.

I also learned how closely the voice is connected to the mental and emotional state. She is very resolute and at the same time remains always sensitive to what happens to her students! " 

Sonja H.

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