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Through the Holistic Vocal Work I help you to earn a stable and effective vocal instrument that you can trust in your day-to-day life and on stage. I help you improve and optimize your voice emission, sound and your VOCAL HEALTH in a sustainable way. You will get all the necessary information and training at a vocal-technique and breathing level to achieve a broad understanding and mastery of your instrument to sing with more EASE. I will also give you enough tools for your vocal recovery after high-demanding circumstances.

-  GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS: Best Album & Best Composition

2 Medals for the Album "Canto por el Agua"

Composer: Miguel Bareilles, Voice & Musical Co- Production: Luciana Roffo

- Study with Maestro Anthony Frisell* in New York, USA  (+ 60 lessons)

- Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

- Conservatorio de Música Juan José Castro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

*Professor from Sàndor Konya and Flaviano Labó. Author of The Soprano Voice, The Tenor Voice, A Singers Notebook, Verismo!, among others. He directed operas with Mario Del Monaco, Zinka Milanov, Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren, Victoria de los Angeles, a.o.


¿Why working with me?

I have a highly effective Integral Vocal Work method in which I have synthesized 25 years of research on vocal technique, breathing and body posture, 18 years of experience as a Vocal Coach and a whole life of intense and deep personal work.


My approach is holistic because I understand the Voice, the Person and the Body as a unit, as a WHOLE. For this I use my long and deep process of inner work guided by coaches from the Barbara Ann Brennan School of Bioenergetics, Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experience, Systemic Constellations and Coaching, which I in instinctively use in my Singing and Vocal Coaching lessons. I also integrate in the sessions tools from disciplines such as Yoga, Cantienica and Feldenkrais which makes vocal work a transformative, special and unique experience.


During my adolescence I had repeatedly suffered from nodules on the vocal cords, so undergoing rehabilitation with phoniatricians (voice therapists) was for me something recurrent. I recovered and, a few months or a year later, they came back again. Although at some point I stopped "recreating" them, I often continued to suffer from vocal fatigue when speaking and even when singing... (Read more...)


Limited offer!*

Special Pack

€ 225.-  x  4 lessons

Option € 60.-  x 1 trying lesson

Limited quotes.

*Valid until 31st  Jan 2023

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Contact me!

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